Why Should I Vote for You?

​"Ma'am, why do you think you should be the next president?" "Well, obviously, he can't be president because he said that." "...O-okay, but why should you be president?" "Because he did that and thinks this, and it would be detrimental to our great nation if he became president." "But what do you... okay. Never mind. Sir, … Continue reading Why Should I Vote for You?


Yummy Fluffy Stuff

Despite the fact that today is deemed 'Bread Day' in the Swanson kitchen and has been for three years, I made bread yesterday. For the first time. Well, I actually started it on Wednesday. And the whole first-time thing is kind of a lie, too. I've made cinnamon bread a few times and something-that-was-supposed-to-be-french-bread-that-was-all-crust-and-no-yummy-fluffy-stuff many, many … Continue reading Yummy Fluffy Stuff

Since March

Hello, world! (Yes, I know. Such an original first sentence. Sarcasm is a very dear friend of mine.) Excellent. Now that I have that out of the way, I would honestly like to say hi. I'm Charli. Nice to meet you. Chances are you've just come over from my previous blog, acowgirlintraining//blogspot, so I already … Continue reading Since March