Oh, to describe myself.

I’ve always struggled with it. It makes me feel narcissistic. I’m predisposed toward arrogance, but my nose is too funny a shape to look down. God’s mercy, I s’pose. ;)

I love books. I love tucking pencils behind my ear and through my hair bun. I love making people laugh. I love tea and flowers, cooking and sewing and sleeping in ’til noon. I love the rain and I love the sunshine – as long as it rains while I’m inside and the sunshine doesn’t make me sweat. I love chocolate and cheese and food in general, despite being allergic to half of it, and exercise makes me miserable. I love conversation and I love being alone. I love singing and playing guitar, or piano, or violin or whatever instrument lies in reach. I love mountains and plains and beaches, in that order. I love life, though sometimes it makes me sad. I love kids. I love horses.

I love Jesus. More importantly, He loves me. :)


Thoughts? Opinions? Lemme know!

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