Since March

Hello, world!

(Yes, I know. Such an original first sentence. Sarcasm is a very dear friend of mine.)

Excellent. Now that I have that out of the way, I would honestly like to say hi. I’m Charli. Nice to meet you. Chances are you’ve just come over from my previous blog, acowgirlintraining//blogspot, so I already know you (or you’ve never introduced yourself and, rather, you know me).

If you’ve been there recently – or not recently, considering my last post was waaaay back in March – you know that the last three posts were downers. I didn’t plan it that way. Many great things have happened since March, but every time I tried to write about them, I saw those three posts and got depressed all over again. A few days ago I just decided to ditch it and start over.

[insert metaphorical nonsense about sunrises, turning over a leaf, eggs hatching or other new-birth symbols]

So here’s some great things since March.

In June I learned how to make blueberry tea, following (sort of) this recipe from Pinterest.



I got this lovely touch lamp for my birthday. (Oh, by the way, I’m eighteen now. Frightening.)



In July I started a dream journal. (The rest of my fingernails don’t look like that, I swear. That poor thumb has such bad luck.)



In August our then-five-month-old car hit 11,111 miles. We could’ve driven across the country almost four times by then.



Earlier this month I got to go to my first concert – Miranda Lambert – with one of my favorite people. (Ha. Betcha thought I wasn’t gonna name you, Jennifer.)



I get to look at this adorable face every day.



And listen to his wheezy breathing all night.



Ben got a girlfriend (who’s absolutely awesome and I don’t understand it at all).

Mom had a long-awaited surgery that has her feeling so much better.

Dad got a Magic Bullet blender-thingie that he’s been trying to get me to make guacamole in (not happening).

Alyx is a Captain in Civil Air Patrol and a 2nd Lieutenant in JROTC.

All in all, life is pretty good. And I’m back. :)


~Charli Rae |Psalm 62:2|


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